Garrett Hurley offers a wide range of services to help you plan your financial future. He specializes in asset protection strategies, pre-sale business planning, succession planning, and legacy planning for the country’s most successful business owners. He also has significant expertise in planning for illiquid assets such as farms or highly appreciated real estate.

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Asset Protection

  • How business owners can help protect what they’ve built from being unjustly taking from them
  • Evaluation and implementation of various strategies
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Pre Sale Business Planning

  • How to help Maximize Value of Your Business
  • Steps to help Prepare the Business For Eventual Sale
  • Creation of Roadmaps and Necessary Action Items to help Determine Appropriate Transition Strategies
  • Stress-Testing of those strategies to help plan for future contingencies
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Exit and Succession Planning

  • Coordination of individual retirement needs; and issues facing both the owner – and company, during and post-transition
  • Proactive tax strategies to help maximize value retained from the business – while still attaining goals and objectives
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Risk Management Review

  • Evaluation of existing insurance and risk management strategies to identify gaps and ensure custom-fit portfolio
  • Work with professional partners to implement advanced insurance strategies
Retirement and investment review icon

Retirement and Investment Review

  • Helping business owners design properly diversified wealth strategies and hire managers when necessary
  • Serve as your "Personal CFO" to assist in managing portfolio risk and volatility with a focus on capital preservation, transparency and liquidity
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Legacy Planning

  • Maximize impact to family, employees, community, philanthropy and world at large in conjunction with overall goals and objectives
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Illiquid Asset Strategies

Identify strategies to help mitigate unnecessary capital gains exposure upon sale or disposition of illiquid business interests, real estate etc**. Works closely with farms, vineyards, and large land/real estate owners to proactively plan for either sale or transition of interests while alive or at death in tax-efficient manner

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Retirement Transitioning

When transitioning from the workforce into the world of retirement, detailed planning is essential. Garrett Hurley has all of the tools to help you make a plan for every stage of retirement. The generations that are looking to retire soon will have the longest retirements to plan yet. With more retirement years ahead, there are more questions to ask and more future situations to plan and insure for.

Garrett has the answers and the plan to help get you to the place you want to be. Don’t take a chance. To live the retirement you’ve always dreamed of, you need an expert. Garrett and his team of experts are here to help.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning encompasses maintaining control over your assets in the present, future and once you’ve gone. There are many different investment and tax strategies that can be implemented to help achieve your current and future financial goals. Garrett Hurley has years of experience in helping individuals and families plan their estates, advising on investment strategies, estate taxes and more.

It’s never too late to review your estate and make a plan or revise the one you have in place. Contact Garrett for a consultation to look at areas within your estate that can be improved to help meet your goals.

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