Getting Out Gracefully: The Comprehensive Guide to Building and Exiting Your Family Business

Garrett Hurley—Managing Partner of Brix Partners, a premier financial management firm on the East Coast—is excited to announce his book, Getting Out Gracefully: A Guide to Responsibly Exiting the Business You’ve Spent Your Life Building, will be coming out this upcoming year. As someone passionate about coaching entrepreneurs and business owners on how to successfully build and gracefully exit their organizations, Garrett is grateful for the opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject. In his book, he provides the framework and a roadmap to making decisions prior to the transfer of your business’s ownership, showing you how to navigate the transition and begin building your legacy. With Garrett’s expertise, you can keep the value of your life’s work in the family and be confident it will flourish for years to come.

Getting Out Gracefully explains…

  • The key elements of a comprehensive exit strategy
  • How to maximize the value of your company
  • The difference between investing emotionally–and investing wisely.
  • How to hold your tax liability to its absolute minimum
  • The essentials of protecting the assets you’ve worked all your life to build
"Getting Our Gracefully" Book Cover
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